A Struggle to Make It

St. Vincent de Paul Girls Primary School, Griffith Avenue, 4th Class, 16 April 2012

Joe the mad scientist was trying to make an engine for a time machine (which runs on recyclable materials).

“Pass the wrench, Weaglehog!” shouted Joe (for he was a little deaf).

Weaglehog, the half warthog- half eagle, hesitated because the wrench was one of his favourite toys.

Joe was frustrated because he needed the machine to be finished in time for the 2012 Mad Scientist Competition and Weaglehog would JUST. NOT. PASS. HIM. THE. WRENCH!

“If you don’t give me that wrench, there will be no dinner for you,” Joe warned.

Weaglehog snorted and finally passed him the wrench.

Last year, Joe had come second in the competition to Professor Shiba, who was obviously a girl, because of her long and lustrous hair (she did, after all, use colour protector).

The final piece that Joe needed for the time machine was cheese. He had no idea how he would manage this because he was terrified of cheese.t