The Super Fantastic Adventure of Joe and Fred

St.David’s Boys National School, Artane, 3rd & 4th Class, 11th May 2015
Once upon a time there was a man called Joe. He lived in a haunted village. He never took his tuxedo off – he even slept in it!

He had met Fred the gullible squirrel, his best friend, in a tree. Joe had climbed the tree because he was afraid of shadows (the village was full of shadows).

Joe saw Fred the squirrel and asked him why he was up the tree.

Fred replied ”I’m scared of shadows.”

“Me too!” said Joe.

Fred said, “Have you heard about the turtle that can destroy all shadows?

“No,” replied Joe. “How does it destroy shadows?”

Fred explained that the turtle was radioactive and he could glow up. The light was so bright that there were no shadows at all.

“How about we go on a journey to try and find this turtle?” asked Fred.

Joe was so excited that he decided to pack his bags and get ready to go and find the radioactive turtle. He even packed a second pink moustache!

Fred showed Joe the map. “What are all those gates on the map?’ asked Joe.

“They are the different realms that we need to travel through to get to the turtle.....”