Super Pizza Saves the World

​Blessington No 1 School, County Wicklow, 3rd Class, 12 October 2016

One day Super Pizza and Geoffrey the Potato were walking along the street.

Geoffrey stepped in some bubble-gum.

“Oh No! I’ve ruined my flavouring” Geoffrey said. 

“Don’t worry I’ll help!” shouted Super Pizza.

Super Pizza tried to use his laser pepperoni to cut Geoffrey free of the bubble-gum. 

“It’s not working, I’ll have to call the emergency services and get pizza delivery to help,” Super Pizza said.

The emergency services pulled up beside the footpath in an ambulance and a pizza delivery van, and looked at the situation.

“It’s icky-sticky bubblegum, we can’t get Geoffrey free” said the ambulance Pizza. 

Super Pizza saw a little red light flashing inside the icky-sticky bubblegum. 

The ambulance driver said: “We’d better call Pat the Pizza Cutter.” 

“No don’t!” Shouted Super Pizza

“You don’t need to call me, I’m already here. I knew this would happen all along,” said Pat, striding up. 

The ambulance man then took off his mask: “Ha-Ha-Ha, we planned this all along”…