The Super Pocket Power People

​Scoil Eoin Baisde Cailiní Naoidh, Clontarf, 1st Class, 10 May 2016

Once upon a time there was a little girl and she had a pocket in her jumper. 

Three little people lived in her pocket and they were called the Pocket Power People.

There was one girl and two boys. Their best friend was Lily the toy Unicorn. 

The Pocket Power People were from a secret kingdom. An evil fairy wanted to destroy it.

The evil fairy wanted to rule all the kingdoms and take everyone’s magic for herself. 

The Pocket Power People knew that if they stole the evil fairy’s magic wand, they would take away her powers and stop her for good.

The Pocket Power People told Lily all their plans to destroy the evil fairy.

They knew that Lily will help them. Lily would also help them to avoid getting eaten by Mr Chew the Hamster.

In the past, Mr Chew ate some Pocket Power People; that’s why there are only three left. Pocket Power People powers taste amazingly yummy to hamsters -  and especially to Mr Chew. 

One day, in the little girl’s bedroom, they were playing with Lily the Unicorn. All of the little girl’s toys could come to life when she wasn’t looking. 

There was one doll that looked evil. The Pocket Power People thought it was actually the evil fairy in disguise...