Super Pug and Tip-the-Can go Wild

St.Fiachra’s Junior National School, Artane, 2nd Class, 21st December 2016

Once upon a time, in a lab, a scientist owned a pug.

It accidentaly ran into a machine and got turned into a super pug.

Then chickens attacked the lab.

Super Pug was scared, chickens were his greatest fear.

He flew out of the lab and into town and met Tip-the-Can the Reindeer who was his best friend. 

“Hi” said Tip-the-Can.

“What’s up, yo?” replied Super Pug, “I got superpowers, then I saw chickens and I got scared!” 

They went to Smyths and bought skateboards.

They skateboarded into the Olympia Theatre and jumped up on stage.

“I want to rap, yo” said Super Pug. He tried to rap but the crowd boo’d him. “We want DJ Trump” they shouted.

Super Pug was sad that he got booed off stage, “Can you help me learn how to rap?” he asked Tip-the-Can.

“We need to go to Home Store and More to buy wrapping paper” said Tip-the-can and off they went...