The Super Walrus Final

St Enda’s Primary School, Whitefriar Street, 2nd Class, 29 March 2017 

Richie the Super Walrus had a friend called Hedgy the Hedgehog.

They both had superpowers and were partners in fighting crime. 

King Scary Clown was taking over the world and also eating all the jelly beans! 

This made Richie very sad and angry because he loved jelly beans.

Jelly beans gave him his superpowers. 

Richie and Hedgy decided to fight King Scary Clown.

They went to the clown and Hedgy said, “Give back the jelly beans or else!” 

One of Richie’s superpowers was freezing people.

He tried to freeze King Scary Clown with his ice blast. 

When Richie tried to freeze the clown, it didn’t work.

He didn’t have enough energy from the jelly beans! 

“HAHAHA!” laughed the scary clown. “I’m too strong for you! I’ll get you for this!” he said to Richie and Hedgy. 

Then Hedgy’s friends came to help...