Superbird and the Search for Blobbo

Navan Educate Together NS 1st & 2nd Class 7 June 2011
Once there was a hu-ird called Superbird.  A hu-ird is a half-bird half-girl.

She wanted people to think she was all human, so she wore three moustaches as a disguise.

She lived in a tree with one owl and two squirrels.  Her best friend, Blobbo the smelly dog, lived in a kennel at the bottom of the tree.

One day, Superbird heard somebody scream for help with her giant ears.  She flew away from the tree to help them.  Blobbo didn’t know she was gone!

When he realised she wasn’t in the tree, he ran around for hours, trying to find her.

Meanwhile, Superbird had just rescued a cat from falling into a volcano. 

A tiger had been chasing the cat but luckily Superbird had managed to grab her and fly away! 

She returned to the tree that night. She wanted to tell Blobbo about her amazing adventure, but he wasn’t there.

Superbird shouted, “Blobbo, where are you?!”…