Superhero Frog Lady’s Adventures with Joe the Fly

St. Francis’ SNS, 4th class, 23rd April 2021

Once upon a time there was a superhero Frog Lady who was half frog half lady.

She loved being half frog and half lady because she could do human things with her legs and frog things with her body. 

One century, she was being chased down by a Giant Teddy.

One day she was feeling very lonely and she wished she had a fly as a friend. But every time she went up to the flies, they ran away or flew away. 

She said to herself, “I wish my ancestors and parents hadn’t scared the flies away.

I wish they could be my friends. They seem very fun.”

She continuously chased the fly and wouldn’t stop because she wanted them to be her friends until she fell into a wishing well.

When she fell into the wishing well, a fly flew down to her. The fly could talk. 

“My name is Joe the Fly,” said the fly. “Why are you sad?”

“I want to have a fly as a friend but my parents and ancestors scared them all away,” said Superhero Lady Frog, sadly.

“I’m an international super spy,” said Joe the Fly. “And I know that frogs don’t like flies anymore.

They’ve moved on to caterpillars. I can be your friend as long as you’re nice to me and don’t try to eat me.” 

Joe the Fly asked, “Can you fly?”

Superhero Frog Lady said, “Yes, I can. Why?”

“Fly out of the well and we can go on a Journey to find new friends.”

“But I can’t,” Superhero Frog Lady said. “My wing is damaged from falling down the well.”

Then Joe and Superhero Frog lady heard giant thumping. “Oh, no! It’s the Giant Teddy!” said Joe the Fly.

“G-G-Giant Teddy?!” said Superhero Frog Lady, trembling. “I have superpowers so I’ll fix my wing and then we can fly away.”

When they were flying out, they were trying to be sly but then the Giant Teddy saw them and started running over...