Superwoman and Joe the Superdog

St Enda’s Primary School, Whitefriar Street, 2nd Class, 11 February 2016

In a beach house on the beach, Superwoman -  a hero who could turn herself into anything she wanted - was thinking about how she could help people. 

Superwoman thought, “I need to find out where Red Wizard lives!” 

Red Wizard was a villain and Superwoman’s worst enemy. Red Wizard lived in a place called the Netherland on the sun. 

Red Wizard didn’t live alone. He had loads of minions on his base that was surounded by a force-field.

Superwoman thought that her best friend Joe the Superdog knew where Red Wizard lived.

Superwoman had a watch that she could talk into. It could translate what Joe the Superdog was saying. 

She pressed a button on her watch and said, “If you help me find Red Wizard, I will give you a bone! Do you know anything about Red Wizard’s minions?”

“Bark bark bark!” woofed Joe the Superdog. 

Superwoman’s watch translated into human words: “The minions are robots who can shoot poisonous fireballs and jump very high! You have to watch out for captain minion...”