Sweet Adventure

​Navan Educate Together Primary School, 2nd Class, 8th October 2015

Once upon a time, there was Candy The Everything. He met a friend called Cake Woman Head. They both wished that they could have a world of sweets. 

“Hello, my name is Candy The Everything. How are you, Cake? I like your cake.” said Candy

“I wish we could swap bodies for a day,” said Cake Woman Head.

“I have another friend who knows how to make that happen. And also how to get us to the World of Sweets. My other friend’s name is Ruby” said Candy

They decided to go to Ruby’s chocolate shop. 

Candy The Everything said to Cake Woman Head, “I’m scared of the Monster Under the Bed.” 

The Monster Under the Bed was hiding under Ruby’s chocolate shop. 

Then they saw Ruby. They went over to her and asked her to bring them to the World of Sweets and to swap bodies. 

They were in the shop, and the Monster came up through the door in the floor of the shop...