A Swim at Seapoint

LIFE Programme, 5 July 2018

It was evening and the sun was still shining. It was a hot day.

Charlotte was rushing to get onto the train because she was late for swimming after work at the bank.

She was going to Seapoint.

Charlotte ran onto the train with a cup of coffee while forgetting her phone at the coffee shop. 

She stepped onto the train and looked for her seat.

When she found it, she saw a tall guy with short hair and blue eyes sitting in her seat.

“Excuse me sir, you’re in my seat,” said Charlotte.

Mark was listening and said, “There’s a missing chair there. You can take that seat.”

Mark was feeling sad and lonely. He was happy to see Charlotte.

He looked at her and noticed her hair and her eyes. “You’ve got lovely eyes,” he told her.

Charlotte was happy and blushed. She was smiling. She thought they might become friends.

The train left Pearse station to go into Seapoint. Charlotte worked on Grafton Street in AIB. 

She liked her job because she got paid and made new friends. 

Sometimes she got frustrated with handling the money and all the calculations, though.

“Excuse me,” she said. “Do you know how much it is to get into Seapoint?”

“I think it’s about €2.80,” Mark replied. “By the way, how’s your day going?”

“It’s going grand, thank you. You’re lovely.” Charlotte decided to ask him,

“Do you want to come for a swim with me?” Mark felt delighted and also a little bit nervous.

The train arrived at Seapoint and the station was busy. 

Charlotte was carrying her swim bag and it was crashing into people on the platform.

Charlotte and Mark walked over the bridge and out onto the beach. They passed the Martello Tower. 

When they got to the beach, they met Charlotte’s friends. 

There were four of them and they were sunbathing.

The friends had an iPod and it was playing “I Feel Good.”

When they saw Mark, they said curiously, “Who are you?”

Mark answered, “I’m Mark. I feel good.”

Charlotte’s friends had been suspicious when they first saw Mark, but after he made that joke they thought, “He’s all right.”

They went in for a swim. The waves were very choppy and there was a swell.

Suddenly, Charlotte fell down into the water. 

She was splashing. Nobody noticed she was in trouble except for Mark.

Mark was trained in lifesaving. He quickly turned her body around and pulled her back towards the beach by her arms.

She was lying on the sand and was not really breathing. When she came around, she looked up at Mark and said, “Thank you” while giving him a kiss on the cheek…