The Taco Hunt

Kilrane National School Kilrane, Wexford, 5th Class, Fighting Words Wexford

Once upon a time, flying above a swamp, there was a parrot named Tacko, and his best friend was called Daddy.

He was getting hungry, so he really wanted to eat a mosquito.

He nearly ate Daddy the mosquito. Daddy went over and yelled, “Stop! Stop! Its me, Daddy!”

The parrot didn’t hear him, and he ate Daddy all up.

Daddy flew out of Tacko’s mouth and he squashed Tacko’s taco.

Tacko’s worst fear had just come true.

Tacko got so mad he started flying after Daddy.

Daddy threw a shrimp in to Tacko’s mouth.

Tacko got even madder, so he went home and put red sauce on his homemade taco.

An owl snuck up on Daddy and tried to eat him and Tacko saved him.

Together, they shared a taco.

Later, they went for a walk. Tacko suddenly stopped…