Talking Madness

St Enda's Whitefriar St, Dublin 8. 21st June 2011
Polo is a toilet, but he is not an ordinary toilet. His friend Bobby the toilet brush cleans him every day.

They decide that they want some fresh air one day, so they break down the door to get out of the bathroom.

They see a group of people in the sky, skydiving for the world record.

They decide that they want to skydive too!

On the way to the airport to skydive, they run into a roll of toilet paper. 

“Hello,” said the toilet paper. “Can I be your friend?” 

Polo runs away in fear shouting, “NOOOOOOOO!!!! Get away from me!” 

“Go away,” says Bobby. “Leave my friend alone. Stay away from us!” 

The toilet paper looks around confused and says, “What did I say? I just wanted to be friends.”

Bobby says, “He doesn’t want to be your friend, he’s afraid of toilet paper. The one in our bathroom was always mean to us!”

Polo runs up to a man in a car and says, “Let me go to the airport in your car.”

The man is so shocked by the toilet talking to him, that he hops out of the car. Polo and Bobby get into the car and drive off…