Tango Fever

St. Patrick’s NS, Upper Drumcondra Road, 4th Class, 27 March 2012
One day, Bobby-Guy decided to escape from jail.

He really wanted to escape from jail because he heard that the World Tango Competition was coming up.

Bobby-Guy had been locked up because he had used his chainsaw hands to itch someone’s head. While Bobby was in jail, he became best friends with his cellmate, Monkey-Man. 

“I want to get out of here, because you only get three meals a day,” said Bobby.

“True, they only sell apples and the bananas are all rotten!” replied Monkey-Man.

While a guard was walking past their cell, Monkey-Man threw a banana-skin in front of him and he slipped. 

Bobby used the spike on his chainsaw to unhook the key from the guard’s belt and he unlocked their cell.

The other guards knew that Bobby was afraid of squirrels with rabies.

“RELEASE THE SQUIRRELS WITH RABIES!!!” shouted the lieutenant...