The Tarantulas

St.Vincents GNS, North William Street, 3rd class, 24th May 2011
One evening, the circus came to town and there were loads of people crowding around the tents. 

The tents were covered in red and yellow stripes. Tyson, a giant, hairy, brown, blood-sucking tarantula was going for a stroll around town.

There was ketchup dripping from his fangs, but everyone mistook it for blood!

In fact, he was just on his way back from the chipper and his chips were covered in lovely ketchup!

When he finished his chips he saw a big poster on a pole with his friend Striper the tiger on it.

It was a poster for the circus that was coming to town. Striper had run away to the circus two years ago and Tyson had never seen him since.

Then a circus truck went by with Striper in a cage and Tyson chased after it. Tyson was shocked to see his friend, but happy that Striper was still alive.

Tyson arrived at the big, stripey circus tent that Striper was being kept in. He snook up to the tent and tried to peek in underneath the canvas.

He couldn’t see anything so he ran around backstage. Once he was backstage, he looked out and saw Striper with his new best friend – a really big, scary tarantula that was even bigger than Tyson! People who were walking by shouted “ Crusher!” at the giant tarantula and he bowed and Tyson knew that Crusher was Striper’s new best friend.