Teddy Versus Donkey

St Joseph's CBS Fairview, 5th Class 7th May 2009
One day in 1827, Bob Johnny was walking along with his best friend, Teddy.

More than anything else in the world, Bob wanted to find his donkey. Donkey had gone missing on the farm and Bob was determined to find him.

Bob’s first donkey had choked on hay and Bob was disappointed and sad when he found out what had happened.


Then the ghost of the dead donkey started haunting him and now Bob Johnny was afraid of the dark. But he was still determined to find a new donkey for the farm.

Bob Johnny decided to find a famous sculptor and ask him to sculpt a donkey for him.

But Teddy was jealous of all the attention the sculpture was getting and became twisted and evil.

He tried to destroy the marble donkey sculpture but Bob Johnny saw him and said, “Teddy! What are you doing to my beautiful new donkey sculpture?”

Bob Johnny picked Teddy up by the leg, swung him around, flung him out the window and Teddy landed in the middle of the pitch in Croke Park, in 2009.