Tesco Frenemies

St. Mary's NS, Fairview. 6th Class. 22nd June, 2011
Once upon a flying turtle, there was a turtle called Nurtle. Nurtle could fly, but he could not swim.

He used to have a job in Tesco cleaning rocks, but one day someone stood on his clean rocks in muddy wellies.

Nurtle got the blame and his boss fired him.  Ever since then he had a fear of working in shopping centres.

One day he was flying down the road and he looked into Tesco and saw his best friend Yurtle the Kung Fu zebra cleaning rocks. He knocked angrily on the window and told Yurtle to come out.

Yurtle came out of the store and said, “What do you want? I’m busy.”

“How could you take my job? You know I loved it!”

“You know it’s a recession, I need this job. But tell you what, I’ll make it up to you by buying lunch,” said Yurtle.

Nurtle was very hungry so he agreed. “I am feeling a bit peckish.”

They walked to Yurtle’s orange Beatle together and got into the car. Yurtle asked Nurtle to get his wallet which was in his jacket, laying on the back seat.

When Nurtle turned around to do this, he spotted a pair of muddy wellies sitting on the floor!

 “What are these for?” asked Nurtle…