Theodore's Story

 Home School Group, County Cork​, 12th May 2017

I came home from school and I got a surprise.

It had been my first day at school and I hadn't known anybody.

My mum, who was in hospital, had been allowed home for one night.

She had brought me a dog, who had been homeless.

It was a golden retriever and I thought the dog might help me with my inventions. I named him Bobby. 

A lot of people ask me why I invent. The truth is I really don't know myself and I like surprises.

I've been inventing since I was two years old.

When I was little my mum said “I know he is going to be an inventor”. (She was impressed when she saw my Bottle-Transfer Machine). 

Anyway, I rushed upstairs to get my latest invention to show it to her.

It was a speech-powered pencil!She said it was very nice.

I rushed to the laboratory with the dog because I didn't want to waste any more time.

My mum followed me and she hit off something in the laboratory, knocking one of my inventions on top of the dog.

There was a big BOOOOM and then things exploded and I looked to see what was wrong.

My dog had turned into a shark. “Holy Shark” I exclaimed. “I am going to need a bigger collar”...