Theres A Wolf In All Of Us

OConnells Primary School North Richmond Street 25th May 2011
Once upon a time in the lonely woods there was a cry of a wolf. A boy was walking in the woods and got bitten by a radioactive wolf.

He cried for help but nobody could hear him. Suddenly he started to grow hair on his face and his ears became huge.

When he went home his parents told him he could no longer live in the house because he was now half wolf. A boy called Frankie Junior found him crying behind a tree and took him in.

After a while Wolf Boy started to realise he had magic powers.

He had an atomic howl that could knock people over, super speed, and could bite through anything, even metal.

Wolf Boy and Frankie Junior decided to take over the world. They went into the nearby town together and started to knock down the buildings. Suddenly a gang of Burger Bellies showed up and tried to stop them.

Wolf Boy and Frankie Junior realised that the Burger Bellies also wanted to rule the world, and were trying to take over the wood.

“This is our time to rule,” said Wolf Boy.