The Three Amigos

Scoil Realt Na Mara, Kilkee​ 5th & 6th Class, County Clare

Once upon a time Philipape the Fish flew out of the toilet and got stuck onto Bob the Light bulb.

Bob swung and crashed against the wall and Philipape caught him.

“What a bright idea!” Philipape said.

“Where did you come from?” Bob asked.

“My owner thought I was dead, I was sleeping in my bowl and he threw me down the toilet

and flushed it, I travelled for hours through the sewers and here I am.”

Bob gasped dramatically and told Philipape​ his own tragic story.

That he prayed for a pair of legs ever single Christmas and never got them.

Dave the Duster was waiting below to catch them when they dropped.

“I can’t breath,” choked Philipape.

Dave said, “I can help”.

He poured out a decade worth of dust and filled himself up with water.

Philipape took a big leap into the Duster.

Dave said suspiciously “I know people who know people”.

“Who do you know?” asked Bob.

“My friends cousins dogs wife’s friend”, answered Dave.

They jumped flopped and rolled into the next sketch…