The Three Spies

St. Paul's NS, 5th Class, 14/06/10
Our story begins with a spy named Jacob. His best friend  is a hippy named Ponko. They are in a hippy van playing Playstation with weird hippy music playing in the background.

Jacob doesn’t want anyone to know he is a spy, so he is undercover as a pen manufacturer.

Ponko knows that Jacob is a spy, but Jacob doesn’t know that Ponko knows.

Jacob doesn’t know that Ponko is  also spying on him.

Agnes, Jacob’s wife, comes to the door of the hippy van and takes the Playstation away from Ponko and Jacob.

Agnes is also a spy, spying on Jacob and Ponko.

 Jacob tells Ponko, “We need to get our Playstation back!”

Ponko asks, “why do you need it back? Are you a spy or something?” …