Three Wishes

Mary, Help of Christians GNS, Navan Road, 4th Class, 24th September 2015
One day, Steven the Llama wished he could fly to the moon with his best friend Sara the Unicorn. 

After that, he wished that Sara the Unicorn made him a pair of plastic wings.

When he tried to jump off the cliff with his wings, they snapped! Luckily there was a trampoline on the water below and he bounced back up.
The next day, when he went to school, Steven’s teacher said he had to do homework. When Steven heard this he screamed and jumped up and down. 

As soon as she saw him jumping up and down she said, “STOP!” 

Steven replied, “NOOOOOO, PLEASE, NOOO!” 

After, he ran home and bumped into a tree and shouted “I’m okay!”

Meanwhile, Sara the Unicorn was wondering where that silly llama had gone. 

Steven found a lamp at the tree with writing on it that read “Genie, genie come out wherever you are.” 

Once Steven read it, Mr Porkingson, the genie, came out of the lamp!

He said, “I’ll give you three wishes.” Steven wished to fly to the moon and to never have homework again. 

Suddenly, sparkles came down from the sky and Sara the Unicorn appeared. She said, “Stop! I want four wishes!” ...