Tickle Me, Obama

Willow Park School, Blackrock, 5th Class, 7 December 2009
It was show and tell in Jedwardo’s school in America and she brought in her hamster, Gino.

He was in his hamster ball on a unicycle and it snapped. He saw a dog and ate it.

“Good boy, you’re following your diet. Chew your food, don’t talk with your mouth full and brush your teeth!” Jedwardo said to him.

“Don’t run more than 20 metres or you’ll die from exhaustion or explode!” she added.

“You’re one to talk. At least I don’t eat blue whales anymore,” replied the Gino and burped.

“You’ll never get to bus stop on time if you don’t stick to your diet!” she roared. “And we’ll never get to the White House and make you president,” she then whispered.

Jedwardo tried to pick Gino up and she fell over. A nerd who loved her came over and offered her his gravity machine.

“This will help you get Gino to the bus stop and the bus stop and the air and the ngdhang,” he snorted.