Timmy the Tea Towel and the Lost Dish

Scoil Assaim Boys National School, Raheny, 5th Class, 17 October 2019

Timmy the Tea Towel and Danny the Dishwasher were at the park. Somebody had stolen one of Danny’s plates.

Suddenly they saw a litter of  pigeons.

They were just about to leave -  because Timmy the Tea Towel was afraid of pigeons - when they saw one of Danny the Dishwasher’s plates in the mouth of one of the pigeons.

Just then, a seagull came down from the sky to help Timmy and Danny get the plate back.

Timmy had the power to summon seagulls.

The god of seagulls had granted him this power.

Timmy yelled out, “With my mighty head, I summon my seagulls!”

The seagulls appeared and Timmy ordered them to drop fish on the pigeons’ heads by shouting, “Bombs away!”

None of the seagulls took his command but instead they threw the fish at Timmy and Danny...