Toby and the Cheese Mine

NDNSP, 2nd Class, 5th May 2009
One windy day when it was snowing, a lightning bolt struck a mouse called Toby and suddenly he had three eyes and two tails. 

Apparently, this attracted many dinosaurs.

“Run!” he squeaked loudly at the top of his voice.

The mouse ran to his best friend Venus’ house.  Venus was a lizard with two legs and two wings.

“Help, Venus! I have three eyes and two tails!  Dinosaurs are attracted to me now. Can you help me?” asked Toby.

“Do I know you?” said Venus.

“It’s me, Toby!  I was struck by a lightning bolt,” Toby said.

Venus recognised Toby and said, “Oh, it’s you!  I know where you can hide.  I’ve heard that there is a magical cheese mine.  If we can find it, you will be safe.”

“I thought the cheese mine was guarded by dinosaurs,” said Toby.
Suddenly, Toby and Venus heard a huge roar.