Toby, The Pig With Wings

Scoil an tSeachtar Laoch, 4th Class, 4th April 2019

One day, Toby the pig was eating in the farm. The night before, he was dreaming about being a flying block of cheese.

Toby noticed the grumpy farmer coming his way.

The farmer stomped over and Toby ran as fast as he could.

He ran and ran until he lost the farmer.

Toby made a plan to escape the farm that night.

Toby ran away into the woods and suddenly, a UFO crashed in front of him.

An alien came out of the UFO with a helmet on.

Toby ran away because he was scared, but the alien teleported back to him.

The alien said, “Hello, earthling animal.

My name is Aleon.”

“My name is Toby. I’ll make you a deal.

If you help me make my dream come true, I will help you fix your UFO.”

Aleon thought about it and realised he had to get back to his family because there was a war in space, so he said yes.

Suddenly, the police came because they saw the UFO…