Toilet Man and Invisible Woman

Mosney - Summer Camp
In a weird town there was a toilet man called Upchuck. A witch cast a spell on him and turned him into a toilet.

One day, he was walking through the town when people saw him and started to abuse him by throwing stuff at him.

Suddenly, he bumped into the invisible girl, and he was the only one that could see her. Nobody else in the whole town knew she was there. Her name was Sarah Jane.

She asked him, “what are you most afraid of in the whole world?”

“Spiders, bugs and worst of all humans!!” he replied. “How did you become invisible?” he asked.

“The witch made me invisible because she said I was too pretty! She gave me a potion and now nobody except you can see me!”

They decided to go to the witch’s castle to ask her if she could turn Upchuck back into a human and make Sarah Jane visible again.

So they set off to the haunted castle in the middle of a very dark forest.

Part of it was an underground dungeon cave where she kept skeletons.

It was far away so they went in Sarah Jane’s Lamborghini Murcielago with nitros and turbos.

Sarah Jane used to be famous and that’s why she had a really cool sports car. She was a famous singer.

The witch was very ugly and had a big Pinocchio nose and spots all over her ratty wrinkly face.

She had a crystal ball that told her if people were coming to her castle.

She could see Sarah Jane and Upchuck at the door and she was laughing, “hee hee hee hee hee” in a very evil way.

She wore a black long dress and a cloak. Her lips were pure red.

The witch wasn’t going to let them in but Sarah Jane snuck in by being invisible…