Tony and the Evil Leprechaun

Scoile Mhuire Senior National School, Blakestown, 3rd class
One day Tony the Elf was walking to his best friend’s house.

On the way there, he met his best friend Frosty the Tiger.“I was just on the way to meet you!” Tony said. “You gave me a fright.”“Sorry for frightening you,” Frosty said.

So they started to play together. After a while, they got hungry and wanted to go to the shop. When they came out of the shop, they met Horridsome the Evil Leprechaun.

The leprechaun started chasing after them with his magic finger.

Tony and Frosty ran away to Frosty’s doughnut house.

Tony was very jealous of Frosty’s house.Horridsome the Leprechaun tried to use his magic to crush Frosty’s house.

Tony decided he was going to build his own doughnut house.