Top Hat Rescue

St Kevin’s GNS, Tallaght, 4th and 5th class, County Wicklow, 5th June 2018

Once upon a time under the sea, there was a frog who had feathers on his bum.

His name was Sunflower.

When Sunflower came to the syrface one Tuesday, he saw a talking, walking rock wearing a top-hat.

The rock was drowning and trying to climb onto a leaf to un-drown himself.

‘‘Are you okay?’’ shouted Sunflower instantly.

In his heart, however, Sunflower didn’t really care if he was okay or not.

Then, Sunflower saw a Jellyfish Noodle float up behind the rock.

Sunflower got so scared by that, he ran away with the rock and the leaf in his mouth.

They ended up in a dark cave,. The rock screamed and said:

‘‘I forgot my top-hat! It’s very important because my grandma gave it to me and it makes me look sophisticated!’’

Then Sunflower knew he had misjudged the rock, and asked: ‘‘What’s your name?’’

‘‘Stuart Bobberson at your service!’’ and saluted.

Sunflower then knew they would be best friends forever.

They left the cave and saw millions of jellyfish noodles bowing before their king who was wearing the sophisticated top-hat...