Tramp Vegas

Scoil Cholmcille SNS, Ballybrack, 4th Class, 23rd April 2009
Jim Bobby Jr. lived in a cardboard box. He saw a fork and named it Issac.

Issac was his bestfriend. He was a Tramp. He wished he had a suitcase. He smelled like sewage because he fell down a drain. Jim Bobby Jr. was afraid of his own shadow.

One day when he was looking for his lunch he found a suitcase.

When he opened the suitcase there was a lotto ticket. Jim Bobby Jr. takes Issac down from his hat and said “My ambition came true! I am going to spend it on a Texas Whopper and a trip to Las Vegas.” He sneaks onto a boat and he arrives in Vegas. The sun rolls over him and he sees his shadow. He screams with fright and he runs around losing all his money. People come and pick up all the money.

“Oh no, where is all my money? Give it back now!” he said to all the people.

He sees another tramp with all the money and he said “We will play a game of poker. Whoever wins the  game gets all the money.” said Jim Bobby Jr.

Issac said “Don’t do it you lunatic! You’ll lose it.” It turns out the new Tramp’s name is Jim Bob The Lord of Poker.

They look into eachothers eyes and think they look alike. Jim Bob The Lord of Poker has a knife that he keeps in a pocket in his hat. There is a label on the knife that says “Made in China.” It turns out they’re twins. ...