Trarlee the Dinosaur

Scoil CholmcilleBallybrack, 3rd class, County Wicklow, 7 November 2019

Once upon a time there was a dinosaur and his name was Trarlee.

He wished to be human. His greatest fear was Fred the Ant who would crawl on him when he was evolving and prevent him from becoming human.

When Trarlee felt sad he would go to the little hole next door where Flapper lived.

One day he found a well where another fish lived.

‘Hi’, Trarlee said.

‘Hello, how are you?’ said the fish.

Trarlee was thirsty so he drank from the well.

The well was magical so Trarlee started evolving into a different kind of dinosaur.

‘ I feel sad … oh my god, I thought I was human’, said Trarlee.

‘Fred the Ant owns this magical well’, the fish explained.

Trarlee did not believe him. He ran off into the woods …