The Trip of a Lifetime

Fighting Words at Museum of Country Life, Scoil Raifteirí, 6th Class, 20 October 2015

Allison McClee is in the park with her best friend, Jack O’Sullivan, chatting about her dearest ambition.  

Peter Parsnip pulls up in his Range Rover Discovery and he says boldly, “Is anyone interested in entering a competition?” 

Allison says, “Hello Peter Parsnip.  I like the pink on your all-terrain 4x4 wheels.  What sort of competition is it?”  

Peter Parsnip replies, “It’s an island with man-eating vegetables.  You have to go there for Halloween weekend and come out in one piece.

You will have only a spud gun, designed by Steven Spud, a military expert.”  

“What’s the prize?” asked Jack O’Sullivan.  

“One million euro spending money and a weekend with the famous celebrity, Steven Spud,” said Peter Parsnip.

Jack asked where the island was.  “In the Bermuda Triangle,” answered Peter Parsnip.  

“Okay, let’s go for it!” shouted Jack, as he grabbed Allison’s hand…