A Troublesome Spice Bag

Virgin Mary Girls National School, Ballymun​, 6th Class, 23 May 2019

As Harvey the Beagle was walking down the street, he saw an ad for a spice bag.

Harvey saw the spice bag and thought that it looked super delicious. His friend Buster the Pig came along from the farm.

“Hey, Buster, come look at this,” said Harvey. “I really want to know how this spice bag tastes.”

Buster thought for a while and then suggested, “Why don’t you go steal a spice bag from the shop.”

Harvey says “No! I might get an allergic reaction or be arrested by Animal Patrol.”

“But you really want to taste it, so why stop now?” asked Buster.

Harvey kept refusing so Buster decided to steal it himself.

Harvey tried to warn him what would happen if he was caught but he wouldn’t listen.

Animals weren’t allowed in the shop, so Buster had to sneak through the back door while a cook was walking in.

Harvey tried to call him back but Buster still wouldn’t listen so Harvey had no option but to follow him.

As Harvey and Buster were passing the kitchen, the owner noticed them from the corner of her eye.

When she leaped at them, they ran away just in time…