A true winner

Togher GNS 6th Class, County Cork 16 October 2019

16th / 10/ 2015

Dear diary,

I’m going to Ireland to see my best friend. My bags are packed and I’m ready to go.

There is one problem though, I am scared of heights and I have to go on an aeroplane.

I’m only doing this for my friend; it is my first time too.

My friend Olivia is a model and I’m going to watch her modelling in her first big competition.

Olivia told me that another girl named Cassie kept beating her because she was always cheating.

She told me this one time that Cassie was paying the judges to give her a higher score.

So that when I get to Ireland I will be watching her every move. Cassie is very rich and famous and her cousins are the Kardashians.

I’ll miss my family a lot. I haven’t seen my parents in a while.

I’m 20 year old girl called Cassidy and I’ve been studying in Australia to be a doctor but my greatest ambition is to be an artist.

Oh no my plane is about to leave, I have to go and board...