A Turtle’s Purpose

St Patrick’s National School, Drumcondra, 4th Class, 18 May 2017 

In a galaxy as far away as your grandma’s house, Timmy the turtle had just woken up. 

Timmy realised his house was under attack by a dragon. 

He jumped into his Turtlemobile and escaped the dragon with his best friend, Joey the turtle.  

As they drove by the tortoise prison, they realised a gang had escaped. 

“EAT THE TURTLES!” said the gang of tortoises in unison. 

The turtles pressed a button in the Turtlemobile that shot marshmallow bazookas at the tortoises. 

Just then, a tortoise jumped on the Turtlemobile. 

“Aaaaggghhh no!!” screamed Timmy, accidentally pressing the eject button. 

They flew out of the car...