The Twin Terrors

St Brigid's Primary School, Haddington Road, 5th Class, 3 November 2009
A new teacher came to Lily and Lisa’s class. The teacher liked Lily better than Lisa because Lily was really smart and knew all the answers. Lisa was getting jealous of Lily.

One day, Lisa got in trouble for putting a stink bomb in the prinicpal’s desk. Lisa wanted Lily to take her place in detention.

“Will you take my place in detention?” Lisa begged, “there’s a great party I want to go to.”

“No, why should I? You never do anything for me!” Lily told her.

“I’ll give you five dollars now and five dollars later,” said Lisa.

“I’ll do it for twenty,” Lily replied.

“Fine, but you’re not getting a birthday present,” Lisa told her.

“You never give me one anyway,” Lily said.

Lisa went to the party, and her mum got mad because she was able to tell Lily and Lisa apart.  She knew that Lisa was cheeky and must have swapped with Lily.

Lily had to cover up her birthmark with make-up so the teachers wouldn’t know it was her. When her mum realized that it was Lily was in detention she knew something was wrong because Lily would never be cheeky.

When Lisa came home wearing a party hat, her mum figured out what must have happened.

The next day, Lily wanted her money, but Lisa wouldn’t give it to her because she got in trouble for going to the party.

“Because of you, Mum knows I got detention and went to a party,” Lisa said “I’m not giving it to you, I was busted!”

“Well if I don’t get the money, I at least get a birthday present,” Lily said.

“No you don’t, I don’t have to get it for you, because this was all your fault,” Lisa told her.

Lisa shoved Lily and they started fighting.

Then their mother walked into the  room and said, “You’re both grounded for a month. You too, Lily, because you went along with the plan.”