The Two Best Friends

O'Connells Primary School North Richmond Street 4th Class 26 May, 2011
One day Jimmy the Jamaican was walking down the road and he met a girl called Carol. She was beautiful with blonde hair and lovely eyes.

Jimmy asked her for her phone number and she said yes. Just at that moment his best friend, Chicken Wing the Toblerone neck was walking by and saw them.

Chicken Wing said to Jimmy, “Nice Bird, do you want to come down to KFC.”

Carol said “Sounds cool, can I bring my 50 foot cigar, Smokey, with me?”

“No. I’m afraid you love that cigar more than me,” said Jimmy.

Carol left with the cigar and Jimmy was heartbroken. The next day Chicken Wing rang Jimmy.

“How are you going to get Carol back from that smelly cigar?” he asked Jimmy