Two Things One World

Christian Brother's College Primary, 4th Class County Cork

Hi! This is Obby.

I am a shape shifting Obeleck. Curry and I want revenge and power.

Curry is made out of  curry and I brought him to life using experimental potions.

And now he's alive. Curry and I love eating currys.

Curry told me with his curry-sauce voice that he wasn't feeling very well.

So Curry exploded but then  I found out that he had a twenty-year-old son who was living in the basement.

Curry's son was with Fly the Robot. Fly is a hairy robot.

Later that day, I had a funeral for Curry and I flushed him down the toilet.

Curry could'nt fit down the toilet and he popped back up and came back to life.  

I put sticky tape over his cuts so that he would feel better.

So Fly the Robot brought Curry's son up to the room and he knocked on the door and he told Curry the good news that he had found his son.

Curry said:

“Where did you find him and how?”

“I found him at a curry-eating competition and I brought him back to the basement.” said Fly the Robot.

The dad was so happy he found his son that he did the curry-dance for him...