Two Unbreakable Friends

Donabate Portrane Educate Together NS, 3rd Class, 9th February 2012
One day, Harry was coming home from school.

“I’m so excited!” he said to himself. “I can’t wait to meet my new dog! I’ll have to think of a name.”

Harry was so busy daydreaming about the new dog that he crashed into the gang of bullies!
“What do you think you’re doing whacking into us??” asked the Head Bully.

Harry was so scared he turned around and ran in the opposite direction and took the long way home.

When he got home, the puppy jumped on him right away when he walked in the door.

“I think I’ll call you Millie,” he said.

“I see you’ve met your new dog,” Harry’s mum said, giving him a collar to put on her.

Harry attached a leash to the collar and said, “Come on Millie, let’s go to the park!”

They brought a football with them, and Harry practiced kicking and Millie practiced fetching the ball.

It started getting dark, so as they were walking home, Harry said to Millie, “I have a secret.

I really want to be a professional football player.”

Then they saw the bullies come around the corner...