The Two Worst Friends

St Colmcille’s Junior National School, 2nd Class, Knocklyon, 6 February 2017 

One day, Billy Bob Joe the chicken went for a walk down the street.

He was going to Candyland. 

He saw Rainbow the unicorn, his best friend.

He said, “Hello” with a cool hand shake. 

Billy Bob Joe was talking to Rainbow the unicorn about taking a trip to a rainbow. 

Billy Bob Joe said, “Take me to the rainbow, stat.”

Rainbow the Unicorn replied, “No! You didn’t ask me in a nice way,” 

They were arguing about the trip to the rainbow and didn’t realise that there was a chocolate lake in front of them. They both fell in.

“ARRGGGHHH, help!” cried Billy Bob Joe. “I can’t swim!”...