Uh-Oh, Here Comes the Father-in-Law!

Navan Educate Together National School. 8th June 2011
Every day Gas Boy 3000 woke up to the sweet smell of his mother’s magic bean and chicken soup.

Usually, when he ran downstairs he found his best friend, Gully-Gully the Gone Off Potato, already eating. On one particular day, however, he found Gully-Gully downstairs wearing a party hat.

Gas Boy 3000 asked, “Why are you wearing that hat, Gully-Gully?”

“Did you forget my birthday again, Gas Boy?!” exclaimed Gully-Gully.

Gas Boy was only pretending to forget because there was a surprise party planned for later. He offered to bring Gully-Gully to the movies to get him out of the house.

As they were queuing for tickets, they saw a beautiful Gas Girl 2000 behind the counter.

Gas Boy 3000’s jaw dropped to the ground because he had seen the girl of his dreams. He was trying to talk to her when, all of a sudden, her dad (who was the cinema owner) came out and kicked them out.

Gas Boy 3000 turned to Gully-Gully and said, “I’ll never get to marry Gas Girl with her father in the way!”

“Don’t worry, I have a plan,” said Gully-Gully...