Uncle Eliza

Scoil Athar Maitiú 6th Class, at Crawford Art Gallery, County Cork 27th of May 2019

 Mary couldn’t believe what she was hearing; her beloved Uncle John was gone. It was going to be a long voyage. Mary hugged her doll tightly.

‘Oh why is life so hard!’ said Mary thinking about her Uncle.

Her doll, Eliza, had extremely soft, black hair that almost seemed real, and although her frock had once been lovely and new it was now old.

Eliza’s eyes were a chestnut brown and they reminded Mary of her Uncle John.

The boat was quite small. It had a lot of people on it and felt claustrophobic. The noise was deafening.

Mary was sensitive to noise. She tried to stay positive because she knew she was going to get to Hawaii eventually.

Mary thought to herself about how Hawaii was going to look. She imagined tall coconut trees, sunny beaches, sand that was white and colourful flowers. She was looking forward to seeing her Aunty when she arrived.

Mary was turning sixteen in a couple of days and she was thinking how weird it would be to not have her parents there.


She woke up and walked out onto the deck and looked out to the sea.

Further on she could see land. She asked one of the sailors what date it was,

‘Twenty-seventh of May,’ he responded.

He was around her age and he was eating a sandwich. A huge gust of wind came along and blew his hat off into the ocean.

‘Oh no your hat!’ said Mary.....