An Unexpected Friend

St Brigid’s Primary School, 6th Class, 11th September 2017

Ava would never forget the sound of rain on the orphanage’s roof. She was lying in bed thinking about her life.

“My greatest fear is being alone and right now I’m terrified”, said Ava to herself.

She sneaked through the hallway like a mouse without making a sound.

She opened the door hearing a little creak. She froze on the spot as she heard footsteps approaching down the hallway.

Jimmy the Lizard finally came up out of the sink and crept down the hall.

Jimmy wasn’t feeling himself right now, he was parched and not in the best mood.

While Jimmy was walking, he noticed it got darker.

He stopped and looked up and he saw a human girl.

Their eyes met and Jimmy said, “Please don’t step on me!”

Ava let out a blood-curdling scream.

Jimmy said, “It’s okay”, and Ava picked him up.

They saw a light come on down the hall, and so she rushed back to her room with Jimmy.