The Uni-Bros

St Killian’s National School, 5th Class, Mullagh, Co. Cavan, 03 April 2017

One day, good old Barry the dog was having a chat with his best friend, Bob the unicorn.

“Have you heard about the dangers of Tesco?” said Barry. “The price of dog food these days!”

“Yes! And also, unicorn food – you can’t find it anywhere!” replied Bob.

Just then Barry remembered that one day he had met a mysterious person who ran a college down the road. 

This college taught magic.

“If I took a course at that  college, I  could learn magic and then make my own dog food,” Barry told Bob.

“Don’t forget the unicorn food!” said Bob.

The two friends walked to the college. They saw a big building and outside it was parked a pink limo - it looked majestic.

Bob and Barry walked up to the front door and knocked. They stood on the door mat. 

A skinny bald cat with no hair crept up and whispered, “Don’t look down!”

“What’s the worst that could happen?” asked Barry.

Of course they both looked down. Suddenly, a swirly slide appeared under their feet and they went whizzing downwards...