Uni the Unicorn’s terrible nightmare

St. Fergal’s NS, 2nd class, 19th September 2018

One day Uni the Unicorn was in her magical land when she fell off a small building as she was feeling sick and tired. 

When Uni fell she landed on the ground which made a bit of a hole. 

It was there she found magical sparklers next to her. 

But she thought they were normal sparklers. 

She picked them up and she shook them around like normal sparklers…but suddenly she disappeared!

She went to hell .  She picked up the sparklers, waved them around and went back to earth. 

She saw her best friend Jimmy Job Joe playing football.

“Wow! What happened there, I thought I’d lost my mind?” she said in a surprised voice.

But then she got hit by a football so she fainted – for five hours!  And when she woke up, there was a demon in front of her – she was in hell!..