Unicorn Troubles

​Tirellan National School, 5th Class, County Galway, 10 November 2017

Two years ago, Tom the Talking Toaster came alive….

“Oh my toast!” said the toaster. He then heard a voice crying, “Help me, help me!”

It was Bob the slice of bread talking.

Tom the Toaster asked, “What’s wrong?”

Bob replied, “I’m stuck in the toaster. Let me out!”

Tom popped his button and Bob flew out of the toaster.

“Thank you for saving me. What’s your name?” asked Bob.

“I don’t know who I am,” said the toaster, confused.

“I know, I’ll call you Tom the Toaster” said Bob.

Then Bob the Slice of Bread  told Tom, “My greatest wish is to have a block of REAL creamy butter.”

Tom said that his greatest wish was to have a pet unicorn.

Bob said, “I’ll help you hunt for your unicorn.”

Suddenly, a gust of wind blew into the kitchen.

The wind blew Tom and Bob off the counter and onto a skateboard, which flies through the room and landed beside a toy unicorn.

The unicorn came to life and coughed out coloured sprinkles onto Tom and Bob.

The unicorn looked at Bob, licked its lips and said, “Me likey bread!”…