The Unipandas’ Adventure

Belgrove Infant Girls School, Clontarf​, 1st Class, 11th April 2019

Once upon a time there were two  uni-pandas. One was called Unipanda, who had a best friend called Pandi.

Unipanda and Pandi went to visit a friend. On their next adventure, went to a temple to find a doughnut.

They found a doughnut that was guarded by spiders.

Unipanda and Pandi used bamboo sticks to get the spiders off the doughnut, but this did not work.

So they used their unicorn horns to get the doughnut.

Unipanda and Pandi were able to get the donut!

They went through the forest to get home but they ended up lost.

Unipanda and Pandi came across a wolf who wanted to be friends with the doughnut.

The wolf thought it was alive but it only turned alive when he got it…