​Gaelscoil Bhaile Brigín, Balbriggan, 1st Class, 12 June 2017 

Uni the unicorn lived in a magic forest in Dublin.

One day a magical fairy came to visit her. Uni told the magical fairy that she wanted to be a wolf.

“You can turn into a wolf on one condition,” said the fairy.

“What do I have to do?” asked Uni. 

The magic fairy said, “You have to go to the magic mountain and pick a magic berry from the magic tree.”

“Okay, but I feel very nervous,” said Uni. “There are giant zombies on the magic mountain!”

The next morning Uni started her quest. She brought her friend Johnny the flying bag. They flew together to the magic mountain.

It was very dark on the mountain and there were loads of giant dead flowers.

Uni said, “This must be the giant zombies place.”

“This place looks like trouble,” Johnny.

Then they saw the zombies’ tower. In the window was a kitten.

“HELP!” the kitten cried. “My name is Marshmallow.

I was fighting the King Giant Zombie and he was too powerful.”

Uni and Johnny decided to fight the zombies and get Marshmallow out…