Unknown Twins

Central Model Senior School, Dublin 1, 3rd Class, 18th September 2019

There was a man called Mr Grumpy Head.

Mr Grumpy Head was walking in the park. He was the meanest man in the world. He was thinking about how he could rule the world.

Every time Mr Grumpy Head passed someone, he would push them or call them bad names.

His best friend - Mr Not Grumpy - told him, “Don’t do that. That’s too rude.”

They went back home and they watched Mr Grumpy Head the movie.

During the movie, Mr Grumpy Head’s best friend fell asleep and he started thinking of how he could rule the world.

Mr Grumpy Head paused the movie and made coffee. When Mr Not Grumpy woke up, Mr Grumpy Head was not there.

Mr Not Grumpy searched for him everywhere. He found him in a shop getting a burrito.

Mr Grumpy Head said, “Go away, Mr. Not Grumpy.”

Mr Grumpy Head saw a vampire in the shop, so he ran out through the window screaming.

Then it was time for bed, so Mr Grumpy Head and Mr Not Grumpy went to bed.

Again, Mr Grumpy Head dreamed about how to rule the world.

In the middle of the night, Mr Grumpy Head got up and looked under his bed.

He found a picture of him and Mr Not Grumpy as babies...