Vegetables vs Sweets

Navan Educate Together National School, Navan, 3rd Class, 30 May 2012
A long, sweety time ago, Mrs Lollipop went to the shops one day. Carrot ninjas started chasing her. 

“Aaaaah!  Help me!  Veggie McClure has sent some carrot ninjas after me!” she shouted.

Veggie McClure wanted to make everyone healthy so they didn’t eat sweets.  He had his eye on Mrs Lollipop, because she wanted to turn everyone into lollipops.  Except chocolate – her best friend was a chocolate bar called Mrs Cadbury Chocolate.

Mrs Lollipop kept running and got a stone stuck in her stem. 

“Oh my lollipop!” she said as she fell down.  She fell into a ditch full of salad cream.

The carrot ninjas captured Mrs Lollipop and took her to Veggie Jail.

In Veggie Jail, the bars are made of celery and the only way to get out is to eat them.  Mrs Lollipop hated all vegetables and celery was her least favourite.  The prison guards were vegetable-loving children.

Mrs Cadbury Chocolate was in the jail too.  She ran over to Mrs Lollipop and said, “You got us all in this mess!”  She pushed Mrs Lollipop, who fell backwards and cartwheeled through the air and sliced the celery bars with her stem.

“We’re free! Yay!” they said.

They ran for it, heading for the big, dark door.  When they ran through the door, they were in a big arena.
“Sweet sugar missles!” said Mrs Cadbury Chocolate. “It’s Veggie Monster Night!  Run!”

The monster was ridden by Veggie McClure and he started to chase them...